Here are a few projects I've been working on the past years. 

Viral - Viral (Mix/Mastering)
Starset - TBA (Mastering)
Manafest - Save You (Mastering)
Brando Valli - We Need Love (Mastering)
Trevor McNevan - Album (Mastering)
LHC - Theme (Mix/Mastering)

In Flames - Clayman Re-release (Keyboards)
Keith Wallen - S/T (Keyboards/Mastering)
Viktor Lilja - (Mix/Mastering)
Night Fiends - S/T (Mix/Mastering)
Per Stjernegård - Memories Remain (Mastering)
Men Without Qualities - S/T (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Phalén och stans bästa band - Vi som kommer (Mastering)
Shine Again - Shine (Mix/Mastering)
Another Day Dawns - Forget me not - Radio Edit (Mastering)
Diamante and Benjamin Burnley - Iris (Keyboards/Mastering) Itunes Rock #1 USA
Diamante - Serves You Right (Mastering)
Diamante - Ghost Myself (Mastering)
Diamante - Love Myself (Mastering)
Diamante - Unfuck You (Mastering)
Diamante - Unlovable (Mastering)
Kim Lundmark - Album (Mix/Mastering)
Love And Death - Album (Mastering/Additional keyboards)
The Blank Page - The Nomad (Mix/Mastering)
Rex Roller - Love&Landmines (Mastering)
Johan Petterson - For Peace & Quiet (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Witchery - Keyboard production
In Flames - Live musician playing keyboards
Diamante - Obvious (Mastering)
Diamante - Obvious Acoustic (Mastering)
I Am The Storm - EP (Mastering)
Ms. Mullins - EP (Mastering)
Vicious Kid - Fågelburen (Mastering)

In Flames - Live musician playing keyboards
Another Day Dawns - EP (Mastering)
Violet Saturn - EP (Mastering)
Until The Storm - Roads To The Lost (Mastering)
MCC - February Full Moon Live Session (Video/Mix/Master/Prod)
Gammelsta' - Väderlekar (Mastering)
Childmind - Childmind (Mastering)
Promise Me - W.C.W.B.F? (Mastering)
Promise Me - Playing Politics (Mastering)
Pink Milk - Heart of fire (Mastering)
Skrollan - Attityd (Mastering)
Captain Jacks Army - Just Dance (Mastering)
JunkBunny - TBA (Mastering)
Hello Heartland - Ridges (Mastering/Mix)
Phalén och stans bästa band - Femte hjulet (Mastering)
Starset - Divisions (Mastering)
Starset - Divisions (Programming)
Ms. Mullins - Idiot (Mastering)
Manafest - Kamikaze (Mastering)
La Fleur Fatale - Bound To Nowhere (Mastering)
La Fleur Fatale - My Dear Sorrow (Re-master for vinyl)
La Fleur Fatale - Night Generation (Re-master for vinyl)
La Fleur Fatale - Silent Revolution (Re-master for vinyl)

MCC - The sun and the rain (Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastering)
MCC - Counting down the days (Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastering)
Ackapellen - Nonsens (Mix/Mastering)
In Flames - Live musician playing keyboards
Tiger & Träden - Slänger dig till vargarna (Mastering)
MCC - Live musician playing guitar
Todt Hill - Felicitations! (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Märtha Frans - Irresistible (Mastering)
Exon Banks - Deep in the ocean (Mastering)
Ackapellen - Ni porträtterade ... (Mastering)
Markus Krunegård - Så också i Finspång (Co-prod/Co-mix)
Hello Heartland - Strange Entrapments (Mix/Mastering)
Queenstreet Moonrunners - S/T (Mix/Mastering)
Lecture in Music Production - Vuxenskolan
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

In Flames - Live musician playing keyboards
The Blank Page - Desolate (Mix/Co-prod)
MCC - The Demon King (Rec/Prod/Mix)
MCC - Goodmorning Restrained (Mastering)
MCC - Valiant Visions Dawn (Mastering)
MCC - Sway (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Tid - Bortom Inom  (Mastering)
Tid - Giv Akt (Mastering)
Hello Heartland - Light In A Room (Mix/Mastering)
Ackapellen - Inkognito (Mastering)
Denk - Tänker! (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Exon Banks - Liquid Love (Mix/Mastering)
Exon Banks - Candy Shop (Mix/Mastering)
Märtha Frans - Klubb Borderline (Mastering)
OldTown - Mileage (Mastering)
OldTown - Low Key (Mastering)
Pink Milk - Purple (Co-mix/Mastering)
Riddarna - En Annan Tid (Mix)
Saturdays Heroes - Pineroad (Mastering)
Witchery - True North (Keyboard Prod)
Bandet Ellington - Kärlek och Handgemäng (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - Paramount People (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - Collected Rejections 2005-2013 (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Hello Heartland - Electromagnetically (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Jehovah Eyes - Synthetic Heartbeats (Mastering)
Tid - Fix Idé (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Todt Hill - Todt Hill (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Ghost - Popestar EP (Pre-Prod/Engineer/Musician)
Viral - Going Down (Mix/Mastering)
Witchery - In His Infernal Majesty (Keyboard prod)
Dead Soul - Home By The Sea (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Hello Heartland - Disappearences (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Dead Soul - The Sheltering Sky (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Christian Dohber - The Man The Myth The Living Christian Dohber (Mastering)
Pink Milk - Detroit (Mixing/Mastering)
Knifven - Skuggfigurer (Mastering)
The Great Discord - Duende (Mix/Mastering)
The Great Discord - Echoes (Mix/Mastering)
Emil Berg - Jag kommer aldrig kunna dö med dig (Rec/Co-prod)
Ghost - Live Sweden Rock Festival (Mix/Mastering)
Maj Monet - 6-700 Dar (Mix)
Slidin’ Slim - Best of (Mastering)
Spiders - Why Don’t You (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Wheel In The Sky - Heading For The Night (DDP)
Saturdays Heroes - Hometown Serenade (Mastering)
Night - Soldiers Of Time (Mastering)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Niels Nielsen - How Nothing Was Won (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Sitcom Collective - Random works
In White - Random Works
Pellen Production - Random Works
Tikkle Me - What Is Real (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Järnet - Bird Of Prey (Mix/Mastering)
Dead Soul - Live In Studio Underjord (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Ghost - Infestissumam (Co-prod/Rec)
Dead Soul - In The Darkness (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Jehovah Eyes - Living Dead Cities (Mastering)
Jehovah Eyes - Sitcom Freedom (Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - Atvid (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Niels Nielsen - Dpend (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Niels Nielsen - Rymdresan (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Night - Night (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Slagsmålsklubben - Tour manager
Den Svenska Björnstammen - Crew
Dead Soul - Find That Man (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Dead Soul - They Will Pay (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

Ghost - Tour manager
Slidin' Slim - In The Darkness (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Ghost - Here Comes The Sun (Rec/Co-Prod/Co-Mix/Mastering)
Maim - Deceased To Exist (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Lecture in Music Production - Karlskoga Folkhögskola

OldTown - In Vino Veritas (Rec/Co-Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Shotgun Language - Mileage EP (Rec/Mix/Mastering)
Slidin' Slim - Right Wing Blues (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Glöm Dä! - I Skuggan Av Er Stia (Mastering)
Split 12" w/ Glöm Dä! & Makabart Fynd  (Mastering)
Bastard Priest - Under The Hammer Of Destruction (Mastering)
Restless Knights - EP (Mastering)

Sansui Rocknroll - Super Premium Sansui (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - Cmon Vultures Part: 1 (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Maim - From The Womb To The Tomb (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Jean Michel - Jean Michel (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
The Fear And The Yearning - Wedding/Funeral (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)

Niels Nielsen - Cmon I'm Nice (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - The Reminder EP (Rec/Prod/Mix)

Sansui Rocknroll - Grand Prize For Special People Like You (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Slidin' Slim - One Man Riot (Rec/Prod/Mix)

Niels Nielsen - Welcome To The Promising Land Of Hi5ers And Hopeless People (Rec/Prod/Mix)
Sansui Rocknroll - Fuck The Truth EP (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)

Niels Nielsen - Numbers (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)
Niels Nielsen - Numbers B-sides (Rec/Prod/Mix/Mastering)